Startup50K: Interviews with Leading Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

Welcome to Startup50K.

Startup50K is an event and podcast interview series featuring interviews with some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and business people. Startup50K was created by myself (Cameron Burns on LinkedIn) and is an extension of my work organising some of Melbourne’s largest, 100+ attendee startup and entrepreneurship events at Launch Labs (

I’ve hosted events and interviewed entrepreneurs that have created 7-figure, 8-figure and on one occasion, a 9-figure company (see the Startup50K Podcast Episode 04 – Creating a $200 million company – Adam Schwab, CEO of AussieCommerce).

Events for Entrepreneurs:
Startup50K hosts free events and workshops on capital raising, mobile app development, entrepreneurship, marketing and many more topics. You can find out more about our events here: Upcoming Events

About Startup50K articles and events:
In our articles and at events / podcast we often talk about how innovative and emerging technology can be leveraged to build hyper-growth companies and capitalize on market opportunities.

We are a community of ambitious entrepreneurs with game changing ideas building the world’s next progressive, technology enabled companies. If you are an entrepreneur or startup founder building a game-changing business, then this is the place for you.

This website is under construction, however you can find out more about the podcast interview series here: Podcast section