Guide-Hiring an App Developer Vs. An App Development Company-Part 1

Inhouse Developers vs App Development Company – Part #1

Part #1 – Guide Intro:
Over the last 11 years, I’ve worked as both an app developer building innovative apps for startups and large organisations working on game-changing technologies and I’ve also worked for a number of app development companies as a consultant advising startup (and corporate) entrepreneurs alike. This guide is a collection of my thoughts and things I’ve learnt from working on (building, designing, advising on etc) countless mobile apps and web-applications. This guide give you the information you need to understand the difference between hiring an inhouse app developer vs hiring an app development company.

=== Guide Articles ===
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Part 5 – Hiring an Inhouse App Developer #2

When it comes to success building a mobile app or web application; success often hinges on the choices you make around the partner you choose to build your app. How you go about selecting an app designer / developer and the things to watch out for (the subject of another guide) are key decisions.

There’s also a lot you should know about the difference between hiring an “inhouse” app developer vs. working with a app development company (the subject of this guide) and is critical to your project’s and business’ success.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs make mistakes here many times – that why I’ve written this guide. I’ve seen mistakes in app developer choice cost entrepreneurs tens of thousands of dollars and months of productive time lost, so ignore this guide at your own peril!

If you’re building an app and unsure of anything, please just drop me a question via the contact page. I’m happy to help out and provide advice; I really don’t want to see people making costly mistakes, so I help out where I can. Talking to entrepreneurs working on mobile apps or web applications is also one way I get to get to discover kickass app projects and the entrepreneurs behind them that I can potentially work with or introduce to investors I’ve met. So feel free to ask any questions!

Now onto the first article: The App Development Team.


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