Inhouse Developers vs App Development Company – Part #5

Over the last 11 years, I’ve worked as both an app developer building innovative apps for startups and large organisations working on game-changing technologies and I’ve also worked for a number of app development companies as a consultant advising startup (and corporate) entrepreneurs alike. This guide is a collection of my thoughts and things I’ve learnt from working on (building, designing, advising on etc) countless mobile apps and web-applications. This guide give you the information you need to understand the difference between hiring an inhouse app developer vs hiring an app development company.d.

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– Intellectual property

I’ve seen all kinds of BS happen when it comes to intellectual property. The earliest IP scam I can remember is when my father was selling his business to a larger acquirer and his in-house developer suddenly claimed that the intellectual property of his entire nurses agency placements application belonged to him (my father owned a large Psychiatric Nurses agency that relied heavily on a custom built application to make hostpital placements).

The in-house developer my father hired demanded $350,000 for the intellectual property powering his businesses agency. If my father went through months of legal battles he would surely have lost the offer on his business. So he sold his business

Despite having IP contracts in place, my father wanted to close the deal to sell his business and wasn’t ready to go through