Episode 004: Aussie Commerce: from $0 – $250 million in 5 years

Show Host: Cameron Burns
Show Guest: Adam Schwab (Co-founder of Aussie Commerce)

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If Adam Schwab’s company: Aussie Commerce continues to grow, he may become the person I’ve met that has created a billion dollar company. I certainly hope he can do it.

This was an excellent interview with Adam, no holds-barred interview where he shared all the details of how he created his company. It’s absolutely information packed and no BS, I’ve provided some videos below from the best parts, but the podcast is definitely worth listening to.

So here’s Adam’s story in 60 seconds:

Adam was a mergers and acquisitions lawyer and in his early 20s worked with his business partner Jeremy to lease 40 residential apartments to backpackers and international students. They only had $70K – $100K between them to setup these apartments

They leased apartments for a few years and then purchased 6 houses and sold them all around the GFC (2008) and having a capital gains windfall of $1,000,000.

With $1,000,000 “burning a hole in their pockets”, they invested in their first web application; a tool for property managers that failed – having spent around $40K on app development.

Aussie Commerce:
Adam and Jeremy then started a discount / deals website for restaurants based on an idea from the US.

They went on a whirlwind of acquiring other companies leading to around 12 businesses / brands under Aussie Commerce.


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This interview was held at a Melbourne based entrepreneurs event I organise called “Launch Labs” (www.LaunchLabs.com.au). Many thanks to the gentlemen and ladies at Bravo (www.SayBravo.com.au) for making this event possible.