About Startup50K

This page provides more information about how Startup50K was created and opportunities we have for journalists, university students and industry professionals. If you would like more information about Startup50K, please see below.

The beginning
In 2013 I created an entrepreneurs meetup group that grew from 7 people at my first meeting into one of Australia’s largest entrepreneurship, tech startup and business meetups only 2 years later. 200-300 entrepreneurs and startup founders attended each month to network and learn about business and entrepreneurship.

Early 2015 I created a second tech startup and entrepreneurship group where I was able to leverage the reputation I built for myself and was able to interview some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs on stage about how they built their companies. The people I interviewed had built 7-figure, 8-figure and even 9-figure companies ($100+ million in value).

Cameron Burns interviewing Jake Williams and Lewis Romano in front of crowd
Cameron Burns interviewing Jake Williams and Lewis Romano co-founders of SpotJobs

Organising these groups has allowed me to meet and meet and interview some of Australia’s most successful business people and build key relationships with speakers and audience members.

I’ve learnt a lot along the way; how to create and promote large events, how to attract hard to access speakers and how to build a team to support my work.

Event team from 2013 at Lunch
Event team from 2013

Running events for entrepreneurs has been incredibly rewarding for my career and I’ve been able to help others while building a reputation for myself as an experienced and knowledgable industry player. I’ve also learnt a lot from the people I interview, both during onstage conversations and off-stage when I’ve met for coffee to share ideas with speakers.

However it takes weeks to organise events and despite having 100+ people at each event, I wanted to reach more people.

So in the beginning of 2016, I created Startup50K to allow me to begin reaching new people outside of my city.

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Unlike the events I ran, Startup50K is not only events; it’s a podcast, an event series (of course) and a blog. This format might not sound like anything innovative or new, however it allows me to door the door of opportunity to people who are driven and ambitious.

Startup50K allows me to give what I’ve created to someone else in a way that’s win-win. So I’m currently looking to work with a journalist, a university student or someone passionate about entrepreneurship, tech startups and who is interested to build their career.

For a journalist it’s an opportunity for that person to meet and network with business leaders, become known for their writing and build a strong reputation online that translates to commercial opportunities.

For a student currently studying at university, there’s an opportunity to build (and be supported in building) a student association from the ground up and organising events, speakers and business workshops for students and industry professionals. This is an opportunity work with an industry professional, put real world experience on your CV and also build a reputation in the industry.

If you’re interested to know more about this opportunity (and haven’t already applied) please see one of the pages below.

For Journalists:

For University Students:

Next Steps:
If you have already applied, please feel free to listen to a few of the podcasts to get an idea of what we do at Startup50K. You can find instructions on how to listen to the Startup50K podcast (on iPhone or Android) at: